sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Episode of War EP

In 2014 me and my band (De la morte noire) went into the studio and record our first professionally EP, "Episode of War", it has 6 songs:

1. Skuggadans (intro)
2. Burn it all
3. Episode of War
4. Pesadilla II
5. Collision Inevitable
6. Never turning back

In 2006 we self-recorded our first album, "A rose for your heart". I personally love that album, I wrote all the music (except "Don't go away", written by Ismael and Sabino). I wrote some of those songs during a really tough time with my then-girlfriend. You can download the album here (and there is a review here). 

During 2009 and 2010 we started recording our second album but we never finished it due to some line-up changes. But we recorded 6 songs. You can download the album here.

After that album we had a massive line up change and we enter the third phase of the band's life, we seemed to define our sound. Everything was looking great, we wrote some new songs. Then we entered the studio and recorded the new EP (we could only afford to record 5 songs). 

After we were done recording and had the EP ready we faced new difficulties and problems. Long story short, the band went into hiatus and we never properly released the EP. We had a plan about how we want to release it, but since it's not gonna happen, I want to put the songs out there one way or the other. So, here they are...

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