miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Fall into Infinity

  • "Out with the old useless, people so cold ruthless, welcome in a new millennium"
  • "It's all about you not me, it's all about the things that you're expecting me to be"
  • "Terror by night, liar by day, telling her secrets won't take them away"
  • "Carry me to the shoreline, bury me in the sand, walk me across the water and maybe you'll understand"
  • "Living and learning, the pressure keeps on burning my soul"
  • " ... "
  • "Living comes much easier, once we admit we're dying"
  • "His final scene, the actor bows and all those years are gone somehow. The crowd applauds, the curtain falls"
  • "Feed my head with some real thoughts and let me think instead of being taught"
  • "Trying to believe, the scars unseen, the tears wash clean"
  • "I may have spent too long in darkness in the warmth of my fears.

Hoy es un buen para darle una escuchada al "Fall into Infinity" de Dream theater, hace rato que no lo escucho, un buen disco, muy buen disco, que me tomó muchos años para poder apreciar. En fin... nada mas que agregar por hoy, este fué Fall into Infinity en 11 frases, una de cada una de las canciones, las frases que mas me llamaron la atención (o tal vez random phrases).

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MARIA dijo...

ooorale!!! que milagro!! jajajajaja no lo había visto :P