miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

Music from the past (pt 1)

Music can evoke such strong and vivid memories. We all have songs that take us to very specific periods of our lives. These post will be a compilation of songs (or albums) that remind me of certain days. So this is part I:

Orphanage - All is one
This is the first album I heard from this great band, it is such a perfect album, I love every song to death. The album's lyrics (as the rest of the band's catalogue) talk about how different religions in the middle east are the same and people shouldn't fight over these matters. I listened to this album non stop over the summer break of 2014, I was finishing my master's degree thesis. I had to finish before my advisor went on a sabbatical leave, so I stay for the summer in Guanajuato finishing the thesis. Everybody had left Guanajuato (including my then girlfriend Maria and Coso), I felt really lonely. I spent my days going from home to school and almost nothing else; I remember doing these horrible and really long calculations, proving some difficult propositions. Anyway, I remember the long bus rides listening to this album (specially "A simple man", "All is one", "Brother"). But the song that really touched my soul and still makes feel like that summer is "As I stare at the ocean alone". It made me miss even more Maria and Coso, my favorite lines:

Drowned in the loss of the city
From out of the ashes came hope
I lived in an old dirty building
Just like the one that no one knows

Small room yet here I found shelter
And these walls are a place I call home
Mournful my mornings forever
As I stare at the ocean alone

Forever my wounds to be open
Oh how I wish you were by my side
I'll play and we'll sing this together

These words that letters can't describe

Here you'll find shelter and safety
Through the storm, a heaven will rise
Children will sing and it makes me feel
Embraced by the Mediterranean Sea.

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