domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Happy 367th Birthday Sir Isaac Newton

Although I'm not the biggest fan of Isaac Newton (actually I'm more of a Leibniz-type of guy, specially about Calculus) I feel obligated to commemorate this date, his 367th Birthday. There's not so much to say about him that hasn't been said, we all know him very well, he's one of the biggest people of all time in science. He introduced the first working model of gravity, one that perdured for almost 250 years until Einstein (which I'm a huge fan of) came up with the Relativity model of Gravity. Now we are close to take the next step in our understanding of this fundamental force aka Quantum Gravity, we're not quite there yet, but I trust it will be within the next 100 years =).

So... for all of these and much more, Congratulations to Sir Isaac Newton wherever you are.

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