lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

A long way to nowhere

Officially I've lost any will to live, i have never felt this depressed in my life, it seems that everything in my life sucks right now... I don't know how i get into this mess, i just know I'd be better dead.

I'd like things would better different, but everything I do takes me further from where I supossed to be... And the saddest part is that even dead the problems i made would keep the same way and worse.

I promised never say this again, what I've always felt: I hate myself!

1 comentario:

HðtåЯµ dijo...

No, no. Has perdido toda perspectiva.

Si tu mismo no le das valor a tu persona, CREEEME, nadie lo va a hacer.

Por que podemos decirte misa acerca de lo chingonsísimo que eres (que lo eres) pero si tu no quieres creerlo, de ahí no vas a salir.

Ten el coraje de salir del hoyo, ¿ya estuvo bueno no?