jueves, 7 de junio de 2007

The great opening

Well, this is the first entry of this blog, this intends to be a way to talk about so many things that are going on nowadays. I don't know if i will be writing in english or spanish (or german if someday i'm fluent enough). Maybe when i feel more confident i will switch to spanish.

Well, anyway, this is the first entry and i would like to talk about the feelings of the last week. First off, i talked again to my ex-girlfriend, now i feel so diferent, not better and not worse, just very different, it seems that she talked to me in the most honest way she has talked to me in months, but at this point I know i shouldn't trusted her. Maybe she is not a good person, so maybe it's better to stay as far as I can away from her.

I've been kind of sad because i'll be leaving Mexiko very soon, i'll be in Toronto for the next three years, it's gonna though. But i really need it.

And finally yesterday i knew a girl, she's cute and nice, i really like her so i guess this could be a chance to experience something new before I leave. Well, it seems that i'm running out of words to say plus I'm really hungry, so i think that will be it... that's all for now.

Now i'm listening Redan Idag (Raymond och Maria) a perfect song for the raining days.


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